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Taliban militants specifically targeted Yousafzai for her work to encourage women’s education and rights.Three years ago, Yousafzai won international recognition for writing a blog about her experiences for the British Broadcasting Corporation.New York based jazz pianist Willie Conway heads back to his small hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts for a high school reunion.The trip is as much to go to the reunion and see his old friends - none of whom left Knights Ridge after graduation - as it is to get away from his current life, at which he is at a crossroads both personally and professionally.But with a new wave of privately run madrasas - or religious schools - being opened across the country, there is a growing feeling among women's rights groups that these freedoms are again under threat.There are now 1,300 unregistered madrasas in Afghanistan, where children are given only religious teaching.

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Reports say a masked man stopped the school van in the Swat Valley, a beautiful mountainous part of Pakistan where extremist Islamic militants affiliated with the Taliban have been fighting for control.

The girls attend the madrasa solely to study the Quran and the teachings of the prophet Mohammed.

They are taught by male teachers, who they are forbidden from meeting face-to-face, and full hijab must be worn.

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