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The Service Modeling Language (SML) provides a framework for relating multiple XSD documents to one or more documents in a single validation episode.Since XSD supports associating data types with element and attribute content, it is also used for data binding, that is, for software components that read and write XML representations of computer programming-language objects.Document Type Definitions are defined in the XML Recommendation.Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team You don't appear to have Java Script enabled in your browser.You also set a factory attribute to specify the parser language to use.

As discussed before, we have used an Input Source object because most SAX implementations are Input Source based.

Furthermore, you can validate fragments of XML documents.

You can easily validate the page that is currently displayed in your browser with this bookmarklet. The BMEcat 2005 schemas have been adapted during my work at business Mart AG.

JSON Schema documents are identified by URIs, which can be used in HTTP Link headers, and inside JSON Schema documents to allow recursive definitions.

Object schema description language and validator for Java Script objects.

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