Updating xp home to xp professional

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As many companies have found to their cost, installing security updates can be the difference between a working PC and a desk-sized paperweight.

Thankfully, although Microsoft has long since abandoned support for the operating system, Microsoft is still continuing to develop updates, even if they aren't strictly intended for Windows XP users.

Introduction Key benefits of using SUS to deploy Windows XP SP2 Situation overview Factors to consider when using SUS to deploy Windows XP SP2 Overall recommendations Summary Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) contains major security improvements designed to provide better protection against hackers, viruses, and worms.

Windows XP SP2 also improves the manageability of the security features in Windows XP and provides more and better information to help users make decisions that may potentially affect their security and privacy.

I recently purchased a used computer that already had Windows XP Professional installed.

However, I am having problems updating it even though I have the Product ID number but no Product Key.

Shall I download this to update or shall I wait for Win XP 64-bit Edition Upgrade (christmas 2004) as I have a 64-bit processor.

As a best-practice approach to implementing a managed rollout of Windows XP SP2, customers are encouraged to use a corporate update management solution such as Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 or Software Update Services (SUS).After the download is complete, an icon appears in the notification area with a message that updates for your computer are ready to be installed.To view and install the available updates, you can click the icon or the message.Users can upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition from Windows 98 or Windows Me-but not from Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation, or Windows 2000 Professional.You can upgrade to Windows XP Professional from any of those operating systems, except Windows 95.

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