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He continues to be one of the most legendary illusionists and endurance artists of our time.Turns out Frank, too, had some pretty seismic stumbles in business (he got sued by the Feds and was nearly bankrupt) before becoming one of the most highly respected, highest paid and most sought after online marketing consultants on the planet.

Episode 9 of the second season is one where is still trying to see what works, and while you can't deny Liam Mc Poyle's "You get fork-stabbed line!

And as the show begins its season tonight—with a thirteenth and fourteenth already in the works—Philly's finest are showing no signs of stopping.

It's time we better appreciate a show that's been this good since day one, so we put together a ranking of every episode it has ever aired—all 124 of them.

He was on the teaching faculties at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to his appointment at USC in 1976.

Aigner's publication record includes several books and numerous articles on statistical and econometric methodology, and applied economics.

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