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Research indicates that there is a clear link between brain injuries and a number of different serious and debilitating neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.Our work aims to educate medical participants, public policy experts, and the public on the profound consequences and dangers of concussions - whether in athletics, the military or other professions. was serving as a Pittsburgh medical examiner at the time, and he worked with Julian Bailes, M. the former team physician for the Steelers and present Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the North Shore University Health System.At the Brain Injury Research Institute, our purpose is to study the short and long-term impact of brain injury in general, and specifically in concussions.We focus our attention on the development of (CTE), and the physiological effects of this condition on the lives of CTE victims and their families.

Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission Promoting the employment of Ohioans with disabilities.

France-based European animation pitch Cartoon Forum is considering moving its dates forward after a general strike was announced.

Currently, Cartoon Forum organiser MEDIA has not changed the dates from the scheduled September 13-15 in the city of Toulouse.

One thing I believe is flying under the radar is the danger of TBI in soccer.

Soccer is extremely popular with young children and their parents.

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