Lee sandra who is she dating

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Famous TV chef Sandra Lee had a rough go of things for a good couple of years.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Bobby and his third wife, Stephanie — who married in February 2005 — announced their separation in April 2015.

“I like to create what I call ‘tablescapes,’ ” she explains.

“It’s so much more fun when you organize your table around a theme, don’t you think?

Sandra Lee is one of the nation's leading lifestyle personalities, with skills in cooking, decorating, and entertaining. This longtime Food Network star who made "semi-homemade" a thing, is also the live-in love of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Here are some things you might not know about this domestic diva.

The sleek, elegant star seems to do everything effortlessly. A native Californian, born on July 3, 1966, Sandra Lee's full birth name is Sandra Lee Waldroop.

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