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Psycho boy Jack is a short, funny, black and white cartoon. If he is any thing like my Psycho boy Jack I would love to see his work! Perhaps it was the animations that were just not detailed enough for me to follow along. please don't complain to me that there is no color! -Sean Sullivan 0_- Jhonen Vasquez is a comic book artist who made the tv series "Invader Zim" and the comics "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac" "I Fell Sick" and "Squee" and he directed the music video for "Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence, and wrote thier song "Mastermind" (not sure about that last one) So thats who Jhonen is. The actor: When Twin Peaks became a pop culture phenomenon, several members of the show’s cast suddenly found their profiles increased significantly, but the definitive poster girl for the show—the one that wasn’t wrapped in plastic, anyway—was Sherilyn Fenn. well, there’s so little about Hollywood that I The A. Club: When I talked to Kelly a bit ago, she said you were initially “very, very nervous about playing Madame Renee.”SF: Yeah, well, you know, she’s so bawdy! Then my manager, who’s known me since I was 17, says, “It’s Mitch! Then I worked with somebody on it, which is oftentimes my process… I think that’s why I liked that [Silence Of The Heart] was about suicide. ” AVC: Most of your scenes were with Joshua Jackson. The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007)—“Lulu Hogg”SF: Oh, good lord. She’s in a dress, trying to attack this guy, but she’s got a turkey. Did someone develop a sitcom specifically for you, or was the show developed independently and they just decided you were right for the part? Claudia Lonow, who is a great writer, wrote that and produced it, and that was her life! If it’s still out there on tape, it’s just the funniest thing ever. [In a crisp British accent.] “We are never going to get this! But it was one of the first cable sitcoms that was multi-camera and no audience. You’re doing your work, and some people get along and some people don’t, and whatever. I don’t know if other people’s experience was that they completely knew that it was going to become what it is, but Wild At Heart (1990)—“Girl In Accident”AVC: Did you do your bit for Wild At Heart between seasons of Twin Peaks? AVC: Did David just have a part and ask, “Are you busy? He said [Does a passable David Lynch impression.], “She’s a china doll, she’s broken and she’s bleeding and she’s almost ready to die. I felt that I did the best that I could, and some things come together and some things don’t. [Laughs.] I loved doing that, because that was where I met Mitch Glazer and Kelly. I think Kelly, Billy [Baldwin], and I all had the same lawyer, so he came down hard because this freaking director could not pull it together, and they brought in this would-be writer who would make this all come together… He would write the most amazing pages, the poor thing. Seeing it, I felt that it was very exploitative, and I had to recognize after that movie that sometimes I have to be really clear with a director and really hear what they say, and not be so idealistic and think that what I’m making is something prettier than the real version.

He describes his act as Robin Williams, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield and Cirque Du Soleil all rolled into one complete package.

” [Laughs.] And I got to read the book and got excited. This is what she does: These are her girls; she mothers them, she takes care of them. That’s why she can hang out with the Butcher and have the connections that she does. God, it just makes me feel like a child when I think about that. To this day, it’s hard to find people like us, who want to kind of find deep truths, not just skirt above the top of it. But I don’t really remember anything about the character, only being up really late at night trying to learn a lot of dialogue. He did so many of the Rude Awakening episodes, so it was fun. uh, yeah, “fun and embarrassing” kind of sums it up. Rude Awakening (1998-2001)—“Billie Frank”SF: AVC: So how did Rude Awakening come about? I can’t really do it justice out of context, because it’s such a politically incorrect thing that’s being said in this scene, but Lynn Redgrave would call my sister-in-law a vagina, and every time she’d say it, we just couldn’t stop laughing. Well, to me, it’s so off-balance, because on one hand there were three different entities, each of which wanted it to be something else, and they would fight amongst themselves. And then because it was on Showtime, there’d have to be the token naked girl in every episode, where someone runs through and has a line—or not! [Laughs.] Sometimes there’d be things said that I’d be embarrassed about! It’s just kind of a weird, surreal thing that happens. Some people are like, “Oh, no, just do it quick, we have to shoot the lead,” but for him, that’s not finding the truth. Boxing Helena (1993)—“Helena”AVC: What was it like working with two generations of Lynches? SF: Well, I went to the Cannes Film Festival, and I was seven or eight months pregnant, so I had something far more amazing on the verge. ” Something happened, though, because I know we had a good time filming it. They had all of these other girls, and I wasn’t supposed to be a main character, so… Two Moon Junction (1988)—“April”Meridian: Kiss Of The Beast (1990)—“Catherine”SF: … [Laughs.] Anyway, that’s when I first met her, but then when she wrote this other role a few years later, she knew my hair was dark again, so I could come back as a different character, so she asked me to play Anna.

I was nervous, because I felt like I had on so much weight, but then I felt like it kind of worked for her. AVC: Did you ever imagine her as being Audrey Horne if she’d never left One Eyed Jack’s, or was that just the Twin Peaks fans who did that? Charlie [Sheen] was doing it, and other people I knew were in it. If you’re a young woman in Hollywood, then they want you to look a certain way and paint you in this and that. We had takes where we just couldn’t stop laughing, and when that happens, you can’t even get a fucking scene finished. We had one where Lynn was just so mad at us, but we still started laughing every time. He just knows how to be grateful for the present, and he knows how to see the magic in the seemingly mundane. [Laughs.] AVC: Did you detect any genetic similarities in their styles? AVC: When it was mauled by the critics, did you roll with it, or were you taken aback? AVC: When you first saw it, were you instantly appalled, or did you still think that there still might be merit to it? I don’t know that I’ve seen a lot of things I’ve done from beginning to end. Then, of course, the next thing you know, he’s got Heroes.

I'm from Germany but the German music is better than the German actors or the German movies! It's like South Park with Jason Vorhees and the other murderers from movies!

Jack Nicholson’s romantic history is the stuff of legend, Hollywood myth, and tell-all memoirs.

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