Funny dating contracts for teens

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With a license, comes a cell phone for safety purposes.

So this week we’ve drawn up two contracts, one for driving and one for the cell phone.

We’ve adopted the concept and found it very helpful with homework, cell phones, driving, dating, and more.

As of last week, Kolya now has his driver’s license.

One mother said it was a great time to talk to her teens about temptations and feelings that they may have for someone they are attracted to and what to do with those feelings.

She continued with “while normally I fumbled to find the right time to talk to my kids about dating and sex, these contracts initiated a perfect opportunity.” There are many things that a teen should consider when he or she starts dating, safety being the most important.

I figure, …when Operation Oprah succeeds, and my nightly affirmations work in the next 26 days (like the book said) I will have to look uber svelt and toned (the camera adds 10 pounds! At first, it was fun and I was excited by the prospect of losing 10 pounds, but then the contract got kinda serious…as in, it asked me to put up money–if you do not make your goal you can donate to charity.

But the main idea is that creating a dating contract gives you the opportunity to sit down with your teen and really talk about the dangers of dating violence, date rape, teen sex, STDs and much more.

Teens often think that strangers are the biggest threat but actuality is that most violent acts are committed by someone that knows the victim.

Alas, no, they were just PDF’s with a few fill-ins and fancy words to scare kids.

I would not recommend paying for these, they are soooo general and it would be better to make your own (see tip 3 below for some samples).

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