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The feature, currently in circulation only in the beta version of the app, provides end-to-end encryption.This means even if your phone or server is hacked, there will be no access to the messages.However, unlike most of us, she decided to hit back at the abuser. One MD Mustakim Saifi wrote, "Nice looking & nice boobs'. She didn't go to the police, or try to bring her harasser to justice.Instead of immediately deleting the comment and blocking the offender on Facebook like some of us do, she wrote back. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Could Singh, a budding actress in Bollywood, have lodged a formal complaint against the offender? But it would have been far from an easy ride to actually bring the offender to book.Social networking giant Facebook has joined the encryption club with “Secret Conversations” feature on its messenger app.By using the feature, the messages, photos and videos, shared between two people remain between them.The local police, evidently confused, suggested such complaints should be filed with the cyber crime cell.

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Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts, daughter, friends. Sayantani Adhikary, a Kolkata-based Ph D student, learnt this truth the hard way.

Adhikary, who like us, is a part of several Facebook groups based on shared cultural and political interests, took on a person who was posting unflattering comments about the third sex.

So I decided to complaint against all of them," Adhikary told Firstpost from Kolkata.

She lodged this complaint at her local police station in Kolkata.

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