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It's been over three years since Rihanna released a new album, and quite frankly, that is already way too much time.

We'll agree that after releasing seven albums over seven consecutive years, pop's biggest force was due a year off, but two?! That said, the delayed album has pushed anticipation to fever pitch with random single releases, scattered interviews, any number of rumours, inside sources and leaked information doing the rounds on the internet.

You know exactly what to do So that I can't stay mad at you For too long that's wrong [Ne-Yo] But I hate it...

You know exactly how to touch So that I don't want to fuss and fight no more Said I despise that I adore you [Rihanna] And I hate how much I love you boy (yeah) I can't stand how much I need you (I need you) And I hate how much I love you boy (oh whoa) But I just can't let you go And I hate that I love you so (oh) [Ne-Yo] You completely know the power that you have The only one makes me laugh [Rihanna] Said it's not fair How you take advantage of the fact That I...

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To date, most of her back catalogue has remained very pop-focussed at its core, but 2012's will be released with the final video of the series, that places it for a January 8, 2016 rollout.

Crystal posted a black and white snap of the smiling couple, which she captioned: '"No matter what they say" our Miracle is on the way and I couldn't feel more blessed. We are happy, we've BEEN happy and will always be HAPPY no matter what they say.

'Thanking The Lord above for those who know my story know what this absolute miracle means to me.

And with the penultimate teaser now out there - and Samsung gearing up for a big keynote at CES on Tuesday, January 5 - could the wait almost be over?

All in all, has already become the most anticipated album of Rihanna's career.

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